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Mobile App Development

We strive to help our customers solve real-life problems with technology. We have developed robust and efficient processes for mobile app development.
it consulting and support
Mobile App Engineering
We begin by identifying business needs and potential mobile application solutions through a series of workshops and interviews with key people on your team. We then carry out a feasibility study and define the scope of the project and the list of user stories that describe the different user flows within the future mobile application.
In an iterative process of incrementally adding new screens and validating with stakeholders, the visual design is created.
Mobile App Specification
This document describes the project scope and objectives, the user story, a technical overview of the proposed implementation approach, the recommended technology stack, and the software architecture.
Mobile App Development
Dedicated Development Team
We will assign a dedicated team to work on your project. A project lead, technical lead, developers, designers, and QA are typical members of the team.
Continuous Delivery
The mobile app development process is iterative, with regular updates and beta releases. This provides transparency and predictability.
Automated Testing
Automated testing allows for increased efficiency and stability while reducing the amount of manual QA work.
Mobile app development
custom software development
IT Support & Maintenance
Hosting and Maintenance Subscriptions
We provide ongoing support with our hosting and maintenance subscriptions once the mobile app is developed.
Dedicated DevOps
Dedicated DevOps professional takes care of the necessary maintenance and updates for your mobile application, keeping things running smoothly.
Mobile App Updates
A certain amount of work is reserved to introduce new features to your existing project, ensuring that it supports the needs of your evolving business.
Our Dedicated Teams:
The right people at the right time

At the core of a typical Proper Notion dedicated software development team are a project manager and a technical lead who work together from start to finish, taking the project from idea to launch. They have a very deep understanding of the client business goals and environment and make sure the software development process is transparent and results are meaningful.

Our project managers and technical leads cannot be experts in all areas. That is why we augment them with a global network of technical and subject-matter experts. During a typical project, among them may be the following experts:

Professional Designer

We typically get design experts involved at the beginning of a project to create pixel-perfect visual designs that will later lead development.

Backend Engineers

Backend and database developers come in when the implementation phase of a project begins.

Frontend Developers

Front-end developers start working as soon as the visual designs and API specifications are sufficiently mature.

QA Specialists

Quality assurance specialists come into play at the beginning and end of each development cycle when it comes to understanding requirements and reviewing delivered work.

Professional Translators

Translators are brought on board as the project nears completion to translate the interface into supported languages.


DevOps/Infrastructure engineers take over running the software after it has been delivered.

We strive to provide a project with the right people at the right time to minimize development costs